Friday, July 16, 2010

Pictures of Chef Betty Boop with Pudgy

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Sexy Cooker - Betty Boop chef holding a cupcake, surrounded by stars and her logo
Source: framed tile trivet
Full size: 328 x 327
Type: jpeg / photograph

Chef Betty Boop holding Pudgy in a mixing bowl, standing on a pink stand with hearts
Source: 2009 Homemaker figurine
Full size: 224 x 475
Type: jpeg / photograph

Sexy Betty Boop wearing a chef's hat and apron, holding a mixing bowl with her pet dog Pudgy inside
Source: altered photo
Full size: 225 x 439
Type: jpeg / photograph

Chef Betty Boop carrying her dog Pudgy in a mixing bowl
Source: altered photo
Full size: 199 x 424
Type: jpeg / photograph

Betty Boop lying on her side, wearing a Chef's hat
Source: artwork
Full size: 154 x 77
Type: jpeg / graphic

Betty Boop was created by Grim Natwick
King Features Syndicate / Fleischer Studio
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