Friday, July 22, 2016

Betty Boop Happy Saturday images

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Happy Saturday Betty Boop graphics and greetings

Hello Saturday
Pretty Betty Boop sitting and posing

Happy Saturday - A Kiss For Love
Betty Boop winking and blowing a kiss X

Happy Saturday
Betty Boop in Autumn setting

Happy Saturday
Fairy Betty Boop sitting on a toadstool mushroom

Happy Saturday
Betty Boop posing inside a wreath of fall leaves

Happy Saturday
Betty Boop posing on her name logo

Happy Saturday
Marilyn Monroe style Betty Boop posing with a red Oldsmobile

Dear Saturday, I Love You!
#BettyBoop on a background of colorful roses

Have a Sweet Saturday
Vintage style Betty Boop with a lollipop

Happy Saturday
Betty Boop taking a stroll down the street

Have a Super Saturday!
Cute Betty Boop wearing polka dots


Happy Saturday!
Betty Boop holding her pet dog, Pudgy in front of a giant heart

Happy Saturday! LOVE
Winking Betty boop posing on flowers that spell LOVE

Saturday Night!
#BettyBoop popping out of a red heart, waving and blowing a kiss x

Betty Boop giving the peace sign, wearing halter top, mini skirt and boots

Happy Saturday - Peace & Love
Betty Boop winking and blowing a kiss X with heart and pace sign

happy Saturday!
Betty Boop posing on a purple background

Sexy devil Betty Boop with a pointed tail, horns and halo

Happy Saturday
Betty Boop reclining with red heart on pink rose background

Betty Boop wearing a hibiscus gown on a background with butterflies

Angel Betty Boop with halo sitting on a cloud

Betty Boop posing inside of a wreath made of colorful fall leaves

Winking #BetyBoop wearing a blue and white scarf tied in a bow with big red heart

Saturday - Boop-Oop-A-Doop
Betty Boop winking and blowing a kiss X

Lovely Betty Boop in a long white strapless gown

Pretty Betty Boop wearing a pink rose petal skirt and hat

Patriotic Betty Boop on a red and blue background with stars

#BettyBoop holding her pet dog, Pudgy in front of a giant heart

Cause Saturday night's the night I like, Saturday night's alright alright alright!
Scantily clad Betty Boop dancing on a stripper pole

Coppertone style Betty Boop on the beach with a crab pulling down her bikini bottom

Happy Saturday
Toddler Betty Boop pulling a wagon with a bunny in it

Happy Saturday
Beautiful Betty Boop on a pink rose background

Happy Saturday
Betty Boop twins in red sequined mini dresses

Happy Saturday
Altered vintage greeting card with roses, flowers and Betty Boop

Happy Saturday
Classic Betty Boop on autumn leave background

Happy Saturday!
Pudgy kissing Betty Boop on the check under the mistletoe SMACK

#BettyBoop was created by Grim Natwick
King Features Syndicate / Fleischer Studio
Frescura 2016