Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Betty Boop UFL Fantasy Cheerleader

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Sexy Betty Boop with UFL logo
Source: t-shirt artwork
Full size: 303 x 350
Type: graphic - png

UNITED FOOTBALL LEAGUE - Betty Boop holding a Go Team flag
Source: t-shirt artwork
Full size: 330 x 330
Type: graphic - png

United Football League - Colonials - Sexy Betty Boop cheerleader with Pom-Poms and stars
Source: t-shirt artwork
Full size: 330 x 330
Type: graphic - jpg

COLONIALS - United Football League - Betty Boop wearing a UFL tee shirt and holding a Colonials pendant
Source: t-shirt art work
Full size: 330 x 330
Type: graphic - png

Hartford COLONIALS - Betty Boop cheerleader with pom-poms
Source: altered art work
Full size: 520 x 650
Type: graphic - png

Betty Boop was created by Grim Natwick
King Features Syndicate / Fleischer Studio
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