Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Betty Boop beach pictures

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Betty Boop posing in a one piece bathing suit with a flower on it
Full size: 445 x 344
Source: altered by Lois
Type: graphic / jpeg

Betty Boop on the beach with Pudgy
Source: altered pic of Betty Boop beach towel
Full size: 247 x 511
Type: graphic / jpeg

Beach Babe! Betty Boop in heart
Source: t-shirt artwork
Full size: 398 x 482
Type: graphic / jpeg

Betty Boop posing on top of an old car with a California BETSURF license plate
Source: Merchandise artwork
Full size: 488 x 504
Type: graphic / jpeg

Betty Boop wearing hula skirt and lay on island with palm tree
Source: artwork
Full size: 298 x 313
Type: graphic / jpeg

Betty Boop was created by Grim Natwick
King Features Syndicate / Fleischer Studio
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Frescura 2011

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