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Good Day Betty Boop Graphics & Greetings

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Betty Boop Images, Quotes and Sayings - Good Day

Kiss an Angel Good Morning and Love her like the Devil when you come home

Good Morning! Have a great day! - Betty Boop posing on top of a large red apple

Have a Magical Day! - Wizard of Oz Betty Boop as Dorothy holding a basket with Pudgy as Toto

Have a Wonderful Day! - Betty Boop dressed in red and white holding red Christmas bulbs and a gift with Snowman

HAVE A BLESSED DAY! - Autumn / Fall Betty Boop collage, with Pudgy and a Cat, raking leaves

Have a Lovely Day - Fairy Betty Boop sitting on a toadstool

Have a Spooky Day! - Witch Betty Boop with orange and black Halloween background with Jack-O-Lanterns and bats

Have a Lovely Day! - Betty Boop lying on top of a bed of roses with sky background

Have a Beautiful Day - Beautiful Betty Boop holding a red rose

Have a Great Day! - Betty Boop dressed in pink and white uniform, kicking a soccer ball

Have a Beautiful Day! - Baby Betty Boop crawling in the grass with daisies

HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY - Bimbo and Betty Boop driving in a vintage convertible, admiring a rainbow

Have a Great Day! - Betty Boop wearing sunglasses, riding in her red convertible

Have a Lovely Day - Betty Boop dressed in sleeveless red gown with background of pink roses

Betty Boop as Dorothy, Pudgy as Toto and Bimbo as The Cowardly Lion, The Tin Man, and the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz

Have a Beautiful Day! - Betty Boop wearing a black sleeveless dress, holding pink roses 

Have a Lovely Day! - Fairy butterfly Betty Boop with baby, birds, butterfly and flowers

Have a Lovely Day - Betty Boop dressed in pink on a tropical beach

HAVE A GREAT DAY - Betty Boop doing Yoga / meditating

Have a Great Day! - Betty Boop with hearts and lip print on green background

Good Morning - A Smile and a Wish for a Happy Day ~ Cute black and white Betty Boop

Have a Good Day! - Betty Boop dressed in white on orange sun background

Have a Great Day! -  Betty Boop in hot pink mini dress and high heels

Have a Great Day - Patriotic Betty Boop dressed in red, white and blue carrying the American flag

Have a Great Day - Betty Boop  wearing sunglasses on top of her head

Oh, Happy Day - Doubles of Betty Boop and Pudgy with sun

Have a Great Day! - Betty Boop driving her red convertible with rainbow and sun

Have a Great Day! - Betty Boop and Pudgy on background with heart and butterfly

Have a Beautiful Day! - African American / Black fairy Betty Boop on sun background

Have a Beautiful Day! - Betty Boop with red flowers

Have a Lovely Day! - Winking Betty Boop inside a vintage floral background

My thought of the day is You! - Betty Boop posing on a row of vintage roses

Have a Wonderful Day! - Betty Boop posing on a cloud

Have a Beautiful Day! - Betty Boop with pigtails, holding a watering can on a background of Spring flowers

Have a Groovy Day! - Winking Betty Boop kicking up her leg on tie dye background with a red heart

Make Today Ridiculously Amazing! - Betty Boop Mattel doll

Have a Blessed Day - Angel Betty Boop on yellow background

Have a Happy Day! - Toddler Betty Boop giving a Christmas pudding to a baby polar bear with Snowman

Have a Lovely Day with cartoon characters Betty Boop and Pudgy riding in the basket on her bicycle

LIVE FOR TODAY Have a Great Day! - Betty Boop in bikini with Bimbo and a red convertible with surf board

Happy Day - Marilyn Monroe style Betty Boop wearing a white dress with a butterfly

Happy Day! - Betty Boop dressed in baby blue for winter, on snowy background

Have a Great Day! - Betty Boop wearing a beret and sunglasses under a autumn tree

Have a Good Day! - Classic Betty Boop dressed in orange on a background of autumn / fall leaves

Have a Great Day! - Winking Betty Boop dressed in purple and kicking up her leg

Oh, Happy Day - Betty Boop and Pudgy twins with sun and stars

Have a Groovy Day! Peace & Love - Winking Betty Boop blowing a kiss with heart and peace sign

Have a Great Day - Cute Betty Boop dressed in red halter top and denim shorts with flowers

Have a Great Day - Patriotic Betty Boop dressed in stars and stripes, holding the American flag

Be Merry! HAVE A GREAT DAY - Betty Boop face on gold glitter Christmas ornament with a red bow

Have a Blessed Day - Pilgrim Betty Boop with a vegan cornucopia of fruits and vegetables for Thanksgiving

Have a Blessed Day! Indian Betty Boop and Pilgrim Pudgy with a tea cup and saucer with fruits and vegetables

Have a Blessed Day - Pilgrim Betty Boop with a Pumpkin Pie and Indian Pudgy with a cornucopia 0f fruits and vegetables

Betty Boop was created by Grim Natwick
King Features Syndicate
/ Fleischer Studio

Frescura 2017 - 2018

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